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“The world’s only patented Bench Vise with octagonal shaft.”
We are very happy to share this good news with you. JIPIN MACHINERY CO., LTD has been known as a reputable manufacturer of bench vises in Taiwan for more than thirty years. Jipin was also an OEM factory for many brands in America. Using an octagonal shaft to mate into an octagonal hole, the newly developed Bench Vise is a one-piece casted construction to provide high precision and extend significantly the life. As opposed to the traditional one, the Bench Vise is made in a unique way and has been patented in Taiwan. For more information, please visit our website at: http://www.jipin.url.tw.
We have heard so much about your outstanding firm and your credible prestige, it would be our great honor to coordinate with your company and create business opportunities. Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

我們很榮幸向您介紹我們的公司 吉品機械有限公司;是台灣生產工作檯虎鉗且品質優良的公司。我們過去曾經有近三十年生產工作檯虎鉗的經驗;並且也曾是美國多家大公司的OEM廠商。而我們近期所研發生產之工作檯虎鉗,更改變了傳統工作檯虎鉗的生產方式,首創全世界唯一使用八方形活動軸與八方形固定軸孔相配合;並於鑄造時以一體成型方式灌鑄而成的精密工作檯虎鉗。不但使工作檯虎鉗使用時更加強而有力、且產品使用壽命亦大幅增加,這樣的改變成效,並獲得台灣之發明專利,受到了肯定。

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